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John thomas Melbourne, Australia


There are already a couple of other blogs about this evil low life but I wanted to provide an update on his location and whereabouts. This man (kind of) had me fooled but I was never too serious about him. He is currently living in Taylors Lakes in a shared House (or so he told me with 5 other flat mates).

He works for Smart Office furniture /Furnx in Laverton driving trucks. He does the Adelaide run Wednesday to Friday and occasionally works Mondays. From what I can deduct from other blogs, he was with 3 other women when he was supposedly in a relationship of 9months.
HE IS TO BE AVOIDED at all COSTS – he has violet tendancies, yells and becomes defensive when challenged about simple normal things, always hides his phone, accuses you of stuff that he is doing (like hiding things/information) and will throw a tantrum if god forbid you pay someone else more attention than him (say your child)
I lent him a phone, and when I discovered him back on tinder he hacked my snapchat and sent lurid pics to my friends that he accused me of having an affair with. He will want you all to himself and then make you feel like SH** if you go out with friends – because he has none. And yet he will drop you like a sack of spuds to do the same.
I feel terribly sorry for his Children (and their families) – those known and unknown. If I was their mother I would never leave this man alone with them. I saw first hand how quick he was to palm off responsibility of his youngest (well the known youngest anyway)

I hope you find this blog before you fall for his BS. Hes full of plenty BS but not a great liar – his memory is shite from all the concussions hes had. Might explain a lot.

When you work out his BS he will call you the psycho – well you know what JB – the gig is up. You free loading narcissistic immature irresponsible psycho poor excuse for a human being. You will die lonely, living in your fantasy land, very unloved and still be telling yourself that you’re going to buy that Ford Ranger, get a place for your daughter and that the conquest you are shagging is the ‘only one’ for you.


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