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John Dickey cheating husband


This man can tell stories everyone believes. He puts plugs in for people to start doubting their own view of you, then when he outs his hands on you he calls cops to make you fall as the bad guy.  Thus man has took everything from me.  Then moved in with his CO worker married girlfriend and her two kids.  He facilitated in repossession of my truck then left me two days later with no money no home no electric no transportation.  While he sits warm fed cash and playing with her kids.  He is wolf in sheep’s clothing and everyone falls for his poor piteful victim lies.  He claims he is Christian how can anyone man leave his wife this way.


One thought on “John Dickey cheating husband

  1. Since adultly going to the home and letting her (Lauren Rhodes) know who i am and willing to share info with her he has since gone to get pfa against me.  This man is a narcissist, complulsive liar and does not need to be trusted with children.  He doesn’t know how to love he hurts and lashes out to hurt so he won’t be hurt.

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