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Joe Roseto Rochester, New York


 Joe Roseto works for General Motors by the way.   He would yell at me and call me horrible names, but he would pretend to not remember when I brought it up later. He sent really personal photos to friends for the sole purpose of making fun of me. He broke up with me and told me it was because I was talking to other men on facebook, but the reality was that he thought he was too good for me when I had to quit my job to focus on school. Lied to my friends and parents about my mental health. This man also accused me of lying about being sexually assaulted when I needed my boyfriend to be there for me. Invited me over every night and then told me he hated that I was over. Agreed to be friends with benefits, then he lied to me about having a girlfriend at the time. This man is pure evil and sadistic. Please be careful and don’t let him manipulate you.


2 thoughts on “Joe Roseto Rochester, New York

  1. Actually you are insane. He is an asshole but you are a psychopath. Like let it go. I can’t believe you even put the time into this type of thing. Lol obviously we know who you are K

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