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Jim Matei-Hesails

Seth Neblock

I received an email from a company named Global REP Repair.
They stated that their company removes damaging posts on the Internet and could remove my damaging post on Datingcomplaints for me for $1150.00 USD.
This was how I became aware that was a posting by some anonymous person.
Further checking, I found that the same posting had shown up in other people that were on the same site.
It is very obvious that this web site is used to try and extract funds using the fear of the internet and targeting people that may appear to have money or worried about their reputation. I am reaching out to any others that may have the same experience and try to create a Class Action Legal Action against this crime of slandering people and attempting to blackmail their victims.
I did contact the Dating complaints people and they sent me a video of a lawyer who can remove the posting also for a fee. Please contact me directly as I make all attempts to create a legal action against these people.


One thought on “Jim Matei-Hesails

  1. Natalie becerra 30 3rd avenue apt 6R brooklyn NY. Getting this wetback reported to her employer at the US Air Force. Then having that smelly spic reported to the UN Secretary General. Basically the United States has 1 choice either hospitalize Natalie becerra for EDP or face the consequences in first federal court and secondary in international court.

    This person has zero friends nobody likes her! A person like Natalie is not free to harass and stalk other internet users with creep fake profiles. Either uphold the law or face the consequences.

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