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James Sutton III of Portland Oregon is a deadbeat dad with NPD


James Sutton of J3 Tech Service of the Dalles and Portland Oregon fits the exact description of narcissistic personality disorder.  He has been married and abandoned their son, which he owes over $20k in back child support for.  He also has at least 1 other child that he has abandoned.  He dates and has sex with multiple women, without them knowing about one another. He lies every day to every one…even his closest friends and family know that about him. He will tell women he wants to marry them, have children with them…all while saying the same thing to other women. Do not fall for it! 

He lies about having cancer, fakes hospital visits, and has even faked heart attacks in front of me. I believe he is addicted to pain pills. And have also witnessed him doing excessive amounts of cocaine. 

When we were together, he kept many secrets on his phone…naked pics of multiple women (including naked pics he took of me without my knowledge – while I was sleeping and during sex), as well as many relationships with women.  He had a “very close friendship” (her words) with a 17 year old that he would secretly meet up with.

Once I exposed these truths about him (which I have proof for everything I’ve said), he completely slandered me online..saying nothing but lies about me and posted an intimate pic I had sent him when we were together.  

Stay away from this one. People with NPD never change…and the people who have known him for many years say he has been this way all his life. 

You can contact me if you need proof: [email protected] 

I dated him on and off from June 2015 through December 2016


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