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Homewrecker– Alliance Ohio


This girls name is Helina,  she will do anything and everything in her power to split a couple up. She will lie to one or both parties,  try to flirt with one of them…  She has no respect for relationship boundaries.  She will play on peoples emotions,  sleep with a guy and when confronted will claim they made her. She will lie about being pregnant even go as far as lying about being in the hospital/ a crisis situation to get anyones attention and will also scam you out of money. Ladies and men…  Becareful even trying to be friends with this woman especially if you are in a relationship you cherish because she will destroy it. She slept with my current boyfriend long before we got together and now she’s trying to rip us apart by telling him she still loves him and she keeps trying to tell me he still wants her and still sees her even though im with him at the times she says. As stated above she’s a habitual liar and shes good at it,  she will also create stories of situations that never happened or accuse people of doing something they didnt just to cause problems. 


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