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Heta Kosonen of University of Washington


Heta Kosonen is a pathological and manipulative liar who currently studies at the University of Washington as an engineer. Throughout her career of interactions with men, she covers up the fact that she has permanent sexually transmitted diseases and convinces heaps of helpless guys not to use protection as “she doesn’t like the way it feels”. Thus impacting these poor guys future relationships indefinitely without even giving them a warning. Also she has zero integrity when it comes to the people and relationships she maintains. Not only has she admitted to cheating on every single guy she has been in a relationship with, she also fools around with her friends boyfriends GUILT FREE. She is a master of social grace and being liked by everyone fairly quickly, however behind the scenes she is a dark and unhappy individual. The best part about Heta is she is an abusive deflector. If there is any point where Heta Kosonen is confronted about her unethical and damaging behavior, she finds ways to blame the circumstance on others and will take zero accountability. She will play the victim every. single. time. I guess that’s her coping mechanism for being a shitty person.


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