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Gregory Charles of Salem,Oregon CHEATER, LIAR, USER Black Man


Gregory T Charles wasted 10+ years of my life. The man cheated on me the whole time. He finally married me 3 years ago but after I found out he was cheating on me a year ago I tried to work things out but he blamed me for his infidelities. I finally hit my breaking point 7 months ago and threw his furniture and clothes out the front door while he was at work and E changed the locks. I paid for a detective service and found out my worst nightmare… He had been dating and on date sites the whole time…10 years of date sites and cheating on me. The man is smooth and can lie without even flinching. He is a horrible human being who  let me lose everything defending and standing up for him. He has had a girlfriend who is half his age for the whole time we have been separated, Im sure she was in the picture before I kicked him out. What is sick is that he has tried to convince me that she doesn’t exist and has been coming home for sex and begging me to let him come home but had no intentions of leaving his girlfriend. He lies no stop and should beashamed of himself buy blames the woman he is with. He likes strong woman but then breaks them down and is always looking for the next best thing. He is horrible ean to our 8 year old daughter and doesnt even tell his new flings that he has a daughter. He only brags of his son… He has 3 children yet only claims 1…the son that he has joint custody of. He is mentally abusive and has drove me close to ending my own life. NOT WORTH IT LADIES…. He is pure evil. I was his 5th wife and he is on 44 years old!!! Ive contacted all of the previous wives now and found out that he kept a girlfriend hidden till the end of every marriage and sometimes had 2 girlfriends and a wife!!!


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