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Gianna Banuelos Mendota, California


Gianna, gigi, or G is one of the youngest dumbest hoes walking the 559. She has a 3 year old son whose Dad isn’t even in the picture so she looks for “daddy” in much older known married men. This hoe has daddy issues obviously as talking to someone 10+ years older is of no issue. She’s a walking yeast infection that can and will pass it to ur dick and also has HPV. The hoe is from Mendota but currently resides in Clovis. She frequents the Tower District, Mendota, and downtown Clovis so yes this hoe gets around. She’s out looking for a meal ticket for her and her son that she leaves with any and everyone so she can prey on married men and frequent fast food drive thrus. Nothing is off limits to this fat sloppy bitch.


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