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Fury in Newham as Three Girls grooming gang member spotted back on the streets



Police have had to visit the family home of one of the gang as feelings ran high during the three-night run of Three Girls

LONDON: Horrified parents in Newham, East London called the police after one of the paedophile grooming gang members named Zakaria Saqib Mahmood, born 24th August 1977, was spotted back on the street he lives in Eversleigh Road, Westham, E6 London where he had preyed on young victims.


And neighbours say one shocked victim even came face to face with Zakaria who had abused her – after he had been released from prison.

Locals are said to have confronted one of them hours after an episode of Three Girls on BBC1 detailed how the gang targeted and raped teenagers.


And police had to visit the man’s family home on 70 Eversleigh Road, E6 1HQ at Friday as feelings ran high during the drama’s three-night run. Worried locals were even going online to report his movements.


Neighbours called police after Zakaria Saqib Mahmood was spotted in the street.

All but two of the nine-strong Asian gang jailed in 2012 were freed early and have returned to the town, it has now emerged.
Many of their young victims still live there. One has told how she came face to face with her tormentor Zakaria Mahmood. A worried resident said: “A lot of girls he abused will still be living here. People need to know he is back.”
Another added: “I didn’t realise he is out. I’m disgusted we weren’t informed so we could warn our children.”


Furious neighbours first called police after freed offender Zakaria Saqib Mahmood was spotted in their street visiting the home of his wife and four children.

On Wednesday Zakaria, 40, was again seen in the quiet cul-de-sac as children played nearby. He drove off after residents rounded on him.

Locals revealed on social media how Zakaria – said to have gained a lot of weight – was visiting his family.

One wrote: “He lives in my street with his wife and children. He’s allowed to stay there even though our street is full of kids playing out.”

Another posted: “Everyone has complained, called the police.”
Officers visited the street on Friday and assured neighbours Zakaria was allowed occasional visits to his family but was not allowed to stay there.

A police spokesman said: “Anyone who has served time is subject to license. All we can do is monitor conditions.”
A neighbour said: “Everyone needs to know he is on our doorstep. Children need more education about older Pakistani men flattering them and giving them things.”

Three girls received critical acclaim highlighting the story. It showed how the paedophiles who operated out of taxis and a takeaway (called Halal Pizza), lured children with booze and cigarettes before abusing them.

Newham based social worker Daveena Gill fought to bring the gang to justice after the youngsters were let down by police and child protection agencies.

One girl told how she bumped into her abuser in the town. She said: “I just froze. It was like there’s nothing I can do. I’ve brought it to court, and now he’s out.”

The girl, targeted while in foster care, told how Zakaria won her trust by buying her cigarettes and alcohol.

Four of the gang, including ringleader Zakaria, are fighting deportation to Pakistan.


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