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FORMER Therapist changes her name! Still a manipulative Cheat!!!!


Marie Donlan (now Schiller) is a licensed marriage and family therapist who had an affair with her patient, telling him that she was much better for him than his wife. She used confidential information she got from private sessions to manipulate the man into a sexual relationship. If you are looking for a therapist, run far away from this one. She is a divorce coach… In more ways than one.  Both her licenses were suspended November 2016.  She thought that she could change her name and run from her mistakes.

Marie Donlan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources and then obtained a Master of Counseling at the University of Phoenix. Marie is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and certified as a Substance Abuse Counselor and has been in the mental health field for over 25 years.

Marie Donlan specializes in marriage/couples counseling, and individual challenges such as depression and anxiety. Training in EMDR/trauma techniques andNeurofeedback further complement her experience. She has years of experience working with the LGBT community.

Marie Donlan has also facilitated adult and adolescent substance abuse groups, as well as worked with alcoholics and addicts individually in her private practice.

Marie Donlan also specializes in Collaborative Divorce as a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. Marie is Immediate Past Chair of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Tidewater and Chair of Virginia Collaborative Professionals.


Co-parenting services emphasizes the fact that divorced spouses will be in each other’s life as they raise their children, and it is in children’s best interest for their parents to be cooperative and co-parent together.

Marie will teach and support effective communication, conflict resolution, understanding children’s developmental needs, and cooperative scheduling so you can get along as you raise your children together.

Divorce is fraught with emotional trauma for children. It is typically the highest priority of divorcing parents to do everything possible to minimize the negative impact on the children.

By working with Marie, the emotional stress and trauma that your children may suffer as a result of the divorce process will be addressed with care and professionalism. She will assist you in working out the terms of an agreement that lays a solid foundation for you to effectively co-parent, communicate and relate to one another. You will be helped to develop a well-conceived co-parenting plan that will implement mutually agreed upon guidelines as to how you will share in the daily responsibilities of raising your children going forward.


Marie has been trained as a Collaborative Divorce and Child Specialist and has helped numerous people going through separation and divorce. As your Divorce Coach, Marie will be your advocate while you are in the process of separation or divorce. During this time of great stress, overwhelming emotion and profound change, it is helpful to have someone who is trained to help you sort through feelings and who can facilitate rational problem solving and sound decision making. Hiring Marie in the role of Divorce Coach substantially reduces the trauma of divorce for you and your children.

Marie can also serve as a Child Specialist within the Collaborative Process. She has specific training and expertise in the areas of child development, the effects of divorce (and its aftermath) on children and the specific developmental needs of children at varying ages in relation to the process of separation and divorce. IN this role, Marie can help parents and the collaborative team take the children’s needs, wishes and feelings into account. In so doing, it gives the children a voice in the process which is reflected in the development of the co-parenting plan.

Services provided:

Marital/relationship counseling
Individual Therapy
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LGBT Friendly
Substance Abuse/ Recovery
Major insurances accepted for therapy services

5029 Corporate Woods Dr # 250, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 

Phone: (757) 473-3770


One thought on “FORMER Therapist changes her name! Still a manipulative Cheat!!!!

  1. When u copy and paste from the internet it makes u look desperate.  Are u sure I aren’t her dog of an ex-husband?  Get off the internet, get a hobby.

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