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Follow-up E. Yarbrough, Nolensville, TN


Man you know me but you don’t, we have socialized, mutual friends, Brentwood/Nolensville. I’m the ex of one of the women you fucked and used. I am the one who blew your world outta the water. No apologies, you had it coming.

Our relationship wasn’t broken, it had become routine, but I thought we were good. Marriage gets that way. Then I noticed she started working late, wasn’t available when she should have been. I started catching her in lies, lies out the ass. Got an anonymous text from a number I didn’t know. Told me to go look at a certain Brentwood hotel, that’s where I would find my wife. Sure enough, there was her car.  I didn’t stay, didn’t want to know who she was screwing. Didn’t want a scene, would have killed you that day, it was better for me to just leave.

I went home and did what any husband in my situation would do, I hacked her computer and later her phone, it became clear it was you, when I found pictures of you on both her computer and cell,  your dick, your ass, your fucking gym shots, your texts, WTF, you are a married man. There was more, but out respect for my ex and your wife I won’t break that shit out. Though someone else felt the need, heard about your Ashley Madison stint back then, but you pissed one of them women off bad for her to post that shit, I opened the box, funny how everyone starts jumping on the band wagon. Whoever reads this, the Yarbrough’s friends and family in Nolensville and Brentwood, where ever the hell you are from. This shit went down (here’s one pic I found in her phone, yep I kept them all), still is, Eric is cocky and full of himself, thinks he’s above being caught, blows my mind that he hasn’t gotten his ass kicked or worse. I wanted too, she lied and said it was over, protected him. To this day I wonder. Not long after I confronted her we separated.

Man you gotta do what’s right!! Leave married women alone. Leave the single ones alone too, let them give the single guys like me a chance.   I feel sorry for any of you ladies he was seeing, sorry I made it seem like I was one of his fucks. I was drunk, lonely, missing my wife, Jack and a computer and here we are. I hope I didn’t make your lives harder, but he’s married, what the hell were you doing with him anyways? I’m sure he fed you a shit bag of lies, that seems to be his MO.

To his wife, you are no beauty queen, but you deserve the crown for putting up with that MF’s shit for so long. Sorry, I had to play the jealous ex it seemed like a great plan in the moment. You seem to be a good mom and wife from your facebook page, (yep I looked at it, made me sick when you said what a great husband he is), probably deserve better than Eric but that shit is between the 2 of you. Again sorry for the attacks on you, my ex said you cheated on him, don’t blame you if you did. Again that’s between you 2, hopefully someday you see the light.

When I heard he had been called out in September at a neighborhood party, verified by someone close to it, it started brewing in my gut. Wtf you ruined my marriage, I had had enough, yeah I did it anonymously, but I won’t have you fucking with her anymore, you sure the hell aren’t worth jail time. She doesn’t know what’s gone down. I’ll never admit to it.  

I exposed your shit, you got off easy man. You still have your family, how many of us don’t because of you. Keep it straight Eric Yarbrough. No apologies, keep it straight.



One thought on “Follow-up E. Yarbrough, Nolensville, TN

  1. Were you drinking when you posted this? I don’t know which is crazier, that marriage or this post. Nolensville is full of some loco kaka. Nice shot of his chest! I think I liked the butt one better. All of you are in some serious need of mental health assistance. I can’t read this stuff anymore. To all my friends close to this just leave me in the dark. There are real pressing issues in this world and the drama in East Williamson County doesn’t even make the top 1,ooo,000.

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