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Doree Quick Helm Fresno, California


This 60 yr old whore is from Fresno Ca she is the biggest liar and homewrecker you will come across she uses her old classmate page to hook up with married men she had spent years connecting with my husband on and off finally Jan 10th 2015 she had him come to her house after not seeing him for 40 years ! he walked in she kissed him he sits on her couch she then sits on his lap ( all 250 pounds of her!) and rubs his dick . takes him into the bedroom for sex but she is so fat he can’t get it in her and she has to be on top.  gets up fixes him coffee toast and bacon and then says she is taking him back to the bedroom for a blow job ! wow way to go for a old hag. she knew he was married but didn’t care she also invited him to go to a fresno state game on Sept 20th our 20th wedding anniversary.

Needless to say she didn’t care about that either. when contacted all she does is lie. she has had several affairs during her marriage which ended of course because of that . a bag boy from save mart and truck driver and so many more she now works for aaa insurance in Fresno Ca so please be careful if you run across her she knows what to say to get to your husband and then will say I had no emotional connection with him at all. what a low life bitch this is to tear apart a marriage . Im not letting him off the hook at all he could have said no but didn’t but like I told her if he is married If its good, bad or otherwise he is off limits to old whores like her and everyone else.


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