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Dominique Robinson Los Angeles, California


Bitch got tattoos everywhere with her dumb ass. She had like a million tattoos of MY man. Dumb broad. He cheated on me years ago with her. So I locked him to the curb, a few years later we reunited. And he saw how hurt I was and devastated by what he had done. I had major trust issues. And he promised me. With everything he would never do if again. Just yesterday he told me he was by himself and was accusing me of cheating. And I tell y’all something. As much as I got mad at him. I could never ever bring myself to cheat on him. Because I loved him Thad much. But I find out yesterday that he has been cheating red while 2 years with this Bitch. The same Bitch I asked him about. And he say up in my face like I was crazy and told me he loved me and he would never hurt me again. But it was all a lie. And I’m so far past gone I don’t know if I can’ her back. Cause I have sons to think off. This pain this man has caused me AGAIN is unbearable. And I’m going to just end here. Aye momma, with the blonde hair. Can I get yo number so I can take you out. Dat nigga is ain’t shit! Cheatin on yo fine ass with a I don’t know what tell fuck she is.. but on bloodz momma. I’ take care of you and make you forgt bout all this bullshit


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