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Dakota “Coco” Collins Richmond, Kentucky


This is Dakota “coco” Collins sounds like a strippers name. She’s fresh out of high school. My now ex boyfriend moved 2 hours away & she attends a college in the city where he moved to. For a month or so he wasn’t acting like his self, he stopped calling starred ignoring me. So I had a gut feeling something was up. I went down to Richmond to surprise him & it took 5-10 mins for him to answer his door which is odd, when he finally answered it he wouldn’t allow my child & I inside & after a few mins I just went on in anyways & found this Skank on his bed in a sluty dress, sex hair & sheets all messed up. He couldn’t look at me, they couldn’t give a start answer to the questions I asked. He told me she came over to “hangout” she’s a “friend” she has a boyfriend & she wanted to “smoke pot” the room didn’t smell like pot, her boyfriend wasn’t there, they were in his room instead of the living room & we’ve been together for a year & not once have I ever met or heard of coco & to me when your in a relationship you don’t hang out alone with members of the opposite sex. I caught them, I interrupted what they were doing or about to do & he couldn’t come up with a fast enough lie & she just sat there having no remorse for the pain they caused my child & I. My child loves him, asks where is dada, & I have no clue what to say. She took away the family that we talked about.


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