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Crook Fahrin Jaffer has declared war on this great site


This innate fraud Fahrin Jaffer Lawyer in Toronto asked Twitter to suspend the account for! This site’s admins should use multiple weblink to link to the original story about this pathological liar Fahrin Jaffer. Clearly this worthless and miserable 52 year old cheating and farting skank Fahrin Jaffer is not pleased about being exposed; so she paid SEOs and various other DMCA related sites to suppress the comments about here that exhibits her nefarious way to scam hordes of men that she meets on Tinder telling them that she is an innocent 20 year old. Haha! What a pompous loser she is. Thankfully, the internet is littered with a multitude of web sites about this serial cheater and fraudster Fahrin Jaffer and everyone one knows she went to the worst law on this planet — Thomas Cooley Law School. No wonder she is a worthless and hideous looking plaintiff side ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer working on contingency. Very sad. Her entire life is one big stink fart!   


3 thoughts on “Crook Fahrin Jaffer has declared war on this great site

  1. There is a huge section of salacious comments on this farting skank Toronto lawyer Fahrin Jaffer right here on Dating Complaints. Just search for “Fahrin Jaffer” and all the juicy gossip about this cheating wh0re Fahrin Jaffer!

  2. Awwww. Poor Fahrin Jaffer.
    All her girlfriends are getting married, going on their honeymoons, having children, enjoying life yet Fahrin Jaffer is just farting and defrauding away while her biological clock ticking non-stop.
    Fahrin Jaffer will never experience the joys of holding her own child in her hands, having loving husband bring her flowers & chocolates on Valentine’s Day or ever experience the joys of being called “Mommy” or having the proud title of “Mrs” or her name.
    No self-respecting man wants to marry used & abused leftover damaged goods like this Fahrin Jaffer imbecile with a loose as a goose punany and a gigantic anal cavity opening. Eligible men always seek out gorgeous young teenage virgin chicks and groom them to be their wife and mother of their healthy kids.
    Promiscuous twits like Fahrin Jaffer do serve a necessary purpose in society after all – that is for booty call encounters only. Marriage or girlfriend material? No ‘effin way!
    Fahrin Jaffer is a case-in-point example why I do not want any daughters. I will instruct my hot subservient wife to only reproduce and give me boys.
    Sucks to be you, Fahrin Jaffer.
    Your one and only best ex-lover,
    Salman Khan

  3. Fahrin Jaffer steals money from clients yet never gets any work done!!!
    Ms Fahrin Jaffer – HIV Positive Call Girl Hooker Prostitute Escort with AIDS – Toronto Lawyer – Liar – Facebook – LinkedIn – Warning To The Public And Clients – Reviews – The Dirty – TheDirty – Fraud – Steal Money From Clients – Scammer – Law – Cooley – Twitter – Toronto – Cheater – Eric Barapp – SUNY Buffalo – Lawyer – Thief – Reviews – Cases – Personal Injury – Thomas Cooley – McMaster – Fat Girl – Fart Queen – Misleading Clients – Lies About Her Credentials – Warning to Potential Clients and Opposing Counsel – Bombed the LSAT – Failure – Report My Ex – Dating Complaints – Complaints Board – Crook
    This missive is to make the general public and jurist community aware of some of the troubling issues surrounding LSUC licensee Ms. Fahrin Jaffer.
    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer routinely misleads the general public (and members of the legal community) through misleading exaggerations, in some instances running afoul of the LSUC Rules of Professional Conduct.
    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer intentionally and deliberately suppresses her true academic history during job interviews and various other social settings.
    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer routinely mentions to lay people that she attended “University of New York School of Law” (a top-ranked T14 elite law school in the US); this assertion is profoundly incorrect and patently false.
    Instead, Ms. Fahrin Jaffer attended a 4th tier much lower-ranked “State University of New York in Buffalo, NY” (a laughable public institution).
    Ms. Fahrin Jaffer also does not state in her resume and on job applications that in her 1L (first-year) she had attended one of the worst law schools that is currently under intense ABA scrutiny – The Thomas M. Cooley School of Law.
    It is transparently evident that much like every other Canadian that goes abroad to a lower-ranked law school that has a far less stringent standards of admission, Ms. Fahrin Jaffer had hideous LSAT score(s) and quite possibly even a subpar undergraduate GPA, in essence, her inability to gain admission to a Canadian law school. Regardless of her failure to successfully attain admission to a reputable law school, her specious resume and her routinely misleading the general public is abhorrent and brings disrepute to the profession and the administration of justice.
    It should also be noted Ms. Fahrin Jaffer uses her influence and status as an LSUC licensee in good standing (ie. lawyer) to threaten, badger and intimidate members of the general public, which clearly runs contrary to the good character requirements outlined in the LSUC Rules of Professional Conduct, amounting to professional misconduct if found in competent by the LSUC’s Disciplinary Bodies. Furthermore, Fahrin Jaffer claims (in her resume and profiles) that she is a “Litigation Associate” on the Plaintiff side of Personal Injury Law working with the law firm D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP. A verification check made to D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP confirms that Fahrin Jaffer has NEVER WORKED at this firm or handled any files with this firm.
    The general public should not be swayed or intimidated by Ms. Fahrin Jaffer’s threats of an inappropriate nature. The general public can initiate complaints with The Law Society of Upper Canada. Complaints against LSUC members will be taken seriously and pursued vigorously. At one point, Ms. Jaffer even asserted to a member of the judicial community stating that “she had articled at a Bay St. Sister law firm working on corporate transactions”, where as in reality she had articled for a no-name sole-practitioner handling plaintiff-side personal injury files. Her bald-faced lie was quickly caught much to her embarrassment and personal humiliation, followed by a brief retraction.
    The aforementioned is simply to make the general public aware of Ms. Fahrin Jaffer so that the general public is better protected. There is not a scintilla of doubt that anything posted is not the least bit defamatory or libelous. Truth is a valid defence against libel. Any attempts (by counsel or said individual) to suppress free speech (eg. court order) would be futile given that this submission has been posted from a non-Canadian jurisdiction and will shortly be mirrored to hosting sites in Russia, China, North Korea and various other jurisdictions where takedown orders handed down by a Canadian court would have no impact whatsoever.

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