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Colin Simpson Dundee, UK


Colin Simpson is a liar and a wife beater. Colin sexually abused his own children and raped his partners which he has over 20 children to. Colin is an alcoholic and picks his victims which are very young. Colin was 36 when he was sleeping with his ex partner when she was 13 years old. He has children to his ex partner and neglected them and they were removed from their care. This man must be avoided at all measures. He is a rapist, wife beater and child abuser.


7 thoughts on “Colin Simpson Dundee, UK

  1. See whoever has posted this better fucking remove it before I track ya down and leather the living shit out of you because everything that is said here is absolute bullshit

  2. Jesus I knew colin for years and only knew about the beatings and charged with sexual assault but didn’t know about all this. Wash my hands of this scum

  3. ken what he did do it aye but dina go putting this on here coz end of the day his daft exes were daft enuf to let it happen and no do nuffin aboot it! heard him go on about it said it was rough sex an they diana like it an pulled out the rape card so aye soon to his exes and and o his exes must o put it on here likes ken his son colin is a naughty likes and the other shot the ba calum but leave it to the polis no for a cunt to see on net

  4. Ken what this is fucking                 William Getty / Stewart who put this up and better fucking get this to fuck down says u wha stalks ur exes and rapes them u beast hack there Facebook, sit outside there houses and goes cheating on them like 5 fucking times a day man fucking stalking bastard man fuck sake begs and begs to get back with them GO COMMITE SOUSIDE U BEAST

  5. Fucking bullshit. You’re all ass hurt little pricks that want self justice and because you cant face him in person, you resort to this pathetic childish shit… GET BENT you little mongs…. grow up. You are the proven form of true self hatred because your own lives are crap and pathetic. disappear and die and let the world be done with you, you crap stains of reality…. Stand down…. LIARS!

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