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Christian Palfrey London, UK


Christian Palfrey , “diver” from the UK uses prostitutes for sex. Not sure if Christian still lives in London, but he used to live with this other sex buyer, hideous creep Matt Smith, in a dirty squat in Clapham ( absolutely disgusting: they leave skidmarks everywhere and refuse to flush their big steaming shit in the toilet!). They go togother to the brothels and spent 6 months in poor Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma, Indonesia (known pedophiles’paradise) etc…just for sex tourism because the whores there are cheap. People out there need to be careful of these 2 creeps, especially Matt Smith who gets up to very depraved acts with shemales and children, and wants to infect as many people as possible with STDs! They re also drug addicts, take cocaine, lsd, ecstasy and stuff dough in their fithy ass Christian Palfrey, might be just as bad, after all “birds of a feather…” Avoid them! I was, unfortunately, dating Matt at one point. Matt Smith has been sucking dicks on the side and fucking shemale prostitutes since ages, until he got busted and I threw his ass out! This nasty old faggot cheated on me with shemale prostitutes, trannies,and Asian ladyboys. Heard his housemates Christian Palfrey and Dan Milbourne fuck the daylight out of him, as well. He cant please any man or woman with his micro penis, yet he thinks he is great in bed, he cant even tell when you soooo obsviously fake, while watching tv out of boredom with his “performances”! He routinely goes to the cheap brothels in Chinatown (like “Londonbody2body”) and save their numbers/mailto in his contacts. He has tons of secrets profiles he uses to contact and solicit sex with prostitutes on sleazy prostitutes websites, dating sites,social medias. He even adds random prostitutes/hoes on facebook claiming they re “friend” but in reality 99% of his “facebook friends” dont even know him because they re just prostitutes looking for clients online #awkward #busted Matt Smith even grooms children online. Disgusting! See this guy has lot of issues. Dont fall for his lies and BS, or the “nice guy”act – which is just an act. He is a true scumbag! He is ugly but a skilled manipulator. He will play the “nice guy”, beg you and plead you non stop, pester and harass you night and day. He will tell you sobs stories to make you feel sorry for him. Despite not being intersted in this ugly motherfucker, I finally gave in to his relentless pursuit because of my kindness. He blackmailed me emotionally by threatening to kill himself if I reject him, thats how he trapped me and forced me to date him! Worst mistake, but in due time I figured out that this closet faggot queer is just a piece of shit! When found out, he is quick to play the victim – as usual- he went to cry to his friends (who all knew he was cheating but cover up his lies)telling everyone I was a bitch because I dumped him “for nothing”when in fact he lies and cheats like its a job! He is an utter embarassment!! Matt Smith is a piece of shit, ugly,liar, cheater, sex buyer, tranny chaser, cocksucker, pedophile, drug addict,low life, loser,std carrier and he goes to glory holes I give the details so that people be careful of these perverts sex buyers Christian Palfrey and the cocksucker Matt Smith


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