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Chanel Carstensen Huntington Beach, California


Chanel Carstensen Huntington Beach, California is a hairdresser in Costa Mesa, Ca and for the right price you’ll walk away with an incurable case of the good ‘ol herpes. She broke up a 5 year relationship after weaseling her way into the arms of a guy she thought she could conquer. She is a most definite gold digger so make sure you lie if you are cash strapped and want an incurable STD. Ohh did I also mention she was and still is in another longterm relationship with another poor sap, yeah she’s one of those, once a cheater always a cheater sorry fellas. She’s a stylist at The Mane Loft Phenix Salon Suites in Costa Mesa, so don’t get your hair done by here unless you want it done shittily and with potential STD molecules. Yeah she even sucks at doing hair.


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