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Chad Humphrey – Kamloops – Vancouver – Kelowna


Everything Chad Humphrey says is a LIE! Now found out many women scammed and lied to by him. In the first week he says … now that I’ve met you I’m not interested in other women. However I have learned now he has many women on the go. You think he’s loyal nice guy but NOT! Every time he has to leave to go home he’s off to see other women. Says he has custody of his kid but does not! His gold Amex he carried is no longer active I called info number on back. It’s from Canada and account terminated. Also while he slept I took photo of his drivers license funny he said lived at totally different address in a house worth millions on average. I googled address. Pretty much a dump and worth nothing plus huge debt on it. He told me you had to have 1 million dollars security to even get the card. LIES! Says he owns 18 million dollar house in Bahamas but yet we found it on real estate site same staged pictures he shows off. And he doesn’t have his for sale. Uses it as excuse to say he’s away with other women.
Says quickly he loves you and been years since he’s trusted a women because he dated Josie a horrible gold digger in Ottawa. Apparently travelled to world for a year with her. Bull!! He tells you this story to make you pay to prove you just really like him for him. He stops paying quickly and gets you to because always a drama in his life. Says you should invest in businesses to make fast cash but money never comes in…. just takes yours. Claims no paperwork until after investment. Please report him he scammed you. You will never get your money back by continuing to date him. He doesn’t care how great you are to him just constant excuses. Go to security commissioner or Kamloops police as a few have. Women band together. If you are reading this because you just met him and like all smart women googling a man then run before you lose out! He does not own a plane, fly sick children around ( they have never heard of him), he’s pruvavly dating 6 or so women at one time and that’s how he earns his money. He says has businesses but all have gone under and he’s deep in debt. Go to BConline and for $6 you can get all transcripts his he can’t pay his personal credit cards. Tell all your friends. Share this and check out the warning on Facebook. He is not a catch, he’s gross, liar, selfish and truly not good looking. He was hanging out at Pac Rim, joe fortes and black and blue. Sure he’s moved on a one girl he lied to I met goes always there and she was surely scared him off. Pass his name around. Do not invest in his restaurant venture. He does not own cleaver restaurant. Sleep with only if you ok him sleeping with multiple women. He is terrible in bed, cant stay hard.

Ladies you have been warned!


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