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Brandon Delaire


This guy is a real piece of work. He is a liar a cheater a woman beater drug addict alcoholic. He lives in his parents basement because he is to lazy to find work. He sponges off anyone he can from money drugs to alcohol. He beat his girlfriend before her birthday hit her over the head multiple times stabbed her in the back and I do Beleive she was stabbed in the face twice. This guy will say anything to get into anyone’s pants. His last relationship he cheated on his girlfriend pretty much the whole time even while her son was in the house while she was at work or gone out for the night. He has a very short temper and will hot any woman doesn’t matter if he says he loves u he will beat u at some point. He is mentally physically and emotionally abusive. Please avoid him at all cost. And you can put on this my name is Jessica Ross and I want to warn everyone of this ugly asshole.


2 thoughts on “Brandon Delaire

  1. This guy is scum! He goes after married women and try’s to sweet talk them into leaving. For some reason  Women fall for him. Stay far far away from this  douche.

  2. I agree this guy is a real peace of work. Abusive drug addict scum bag is what he is. He doesn’t care if your in a relationship or not he will try to get you to sleep with him no matter what.

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