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Blaque Allen Kuchel, Argos, Indiana


Can we post this scumbag please? This individual is on tinder, match, hot or not and POF. His name is Blaque Allen Kuchel from Argos, Indiana. He is a liar, a cheat, and a narcissistic sociopath. He is married and have children. He claims online he’s divorced and you know how the story goes but at the end it’s a big fat lie! Blaque is so low that speaks badly about his own children and claims they are a mistake….THAT right there is a huge red flag. If a man speaks badly about his own family he’s the biggest piece of crap on earth. His wife is a lovely person and this fool has done her wrong one to many times. I met him on tinder and he was actually claiming was single however his story never matched so when I Google his name I found a wife, kids and a happy life! He was very pushy into coming to my house although I wanted to meet in a public place. He is cocky, arrogant, pushy, cheap and kept trying to take me to bed but I didn’t let him…Sadly my child was home when he came over and it was a big mistake. Don’t feel flatter by this idiot. He’s a compulsive liar and WILL say all the right things to make you fall for him. Hopefully the person reading this will be smart and walk away. He’s only going to use use for his advantage will make all kinds of claims, speaks bad about his own wife (of course typical douche). He also made some ugly comments about his own family. Stated his father, Todd, beat up his mother and him and threw then against the wall when he was growing up. Also, that his brother is a deadbeat…as you can see if he speaks like this about his own family don’t think he won’t do the same about you after he uses you. He will ask you to text or email him naked pictures and will also send you pictures of his member. He’s as sex addicted freak! Also, made me pay for dinner because he “forgot his debit card” , told me he got shot while in the military and received a purple heart…all lies! He’s a charmer wanna be and a real good liar. Consider yourself warned. He will say he’s in love fast, will say wants a future. He’s not honest…will hurt you with no remorse. He is a psycho and needs psychiatric help. Blaque has meet with multiple women in the Indiana/ Michigan are with the same story line and actions. I’m one of his victims and so have decided to out this ass! He deserves it. He’s been married before and did the SAME thing to his ex wife. His current wife is aware I just contacted her and sent her all I got on him. I feel terrible for hurting his actual family but she needs to know the kind of trash her and her kids are a dealing with. Oh and one more thing…make sure you got some good air fresher at home if you still decide to give this idiot a try…he will be in the bathroom multiple times. He must have some std’s going on and needs a gastrointestinal Dr right away! He’s Grose and the biggest loser I’ve ever came across! He’s nothing special, looks better on the picture than in person, has a stupid laugh and makes comments and jokes of bad taste. Share his info, make it go around the net. No one deserves to deal with someone like him!!


43 thoughts on “Blaque Allen Kuchel, Argos, Indiana

  1. This guy is a real winner if you ask me.  The guy would tell people he was in special forces in the army…lol   What a joke that was… He will talk to you all demanding, and make you think he was a high ranking officer in the Army…  His old phone number was 540 530 3310.  Also the truck he is driving isnt even in his name by the way… The guy is so full of lies it isnt even funny.  He is also married too, and has children the piece of shit.  This guy is a class act if you ask me.  If his mouth is moving, he is lieing, just remember that.  I have heard some Bullshit from this guy.  He also loves the websites like Tinder, POF, Okcupid.  He loves to brag about how women always send him naked pictures of them.   If you see this guy you need to RUN FAST….

    1. Well, there’s your first red flag because this moron was NEVER in the ARMY. He sat behind a desk for the AirForce…lol. everything he ever had or has is in both his name and some females name. He’s a woman user!

    2. He doesn’t have the truck anymore. That thing got repo along the rest of the “toys” because he wouldn’t pay his bills. This is why he needs someone to spend their money on him while he saves his.

  2. Man has cheated on his wife with me and I’m not the only one he’s been with since married. He’s a dirty, two-timing, rotten, cheating adulterous philanderer. He can be found on multiple dating sites claiming to be single but he is not. Sad he speaks low about his own family and kids. Will claim he’s earned a purple heart to impress females, will ask you to send him naked pictures, want to meet you at your place and might even ask you to buy him dinner because he “forgot her debit card”. After will want to have sex and wont bring any condoms or maybe…1-He’s to cheap to buy them or 2- Doesn’t know how to use them. Hes a compulsive liar, will make up stories to try and make you feel bad. Lastly must be a terrible father because he’s only concerned about him. Oh…make sure you have air fresher because he will stink up the whole

  3. Kuchel made it all the way to the Net for all the wrong reasons man. I knew he was a douche but didn’t know to what degree. I guess that’s why they call it Karma. Man, you have a family. Good wife and kids. Don’t throw it all away thinking the grass is greener cause 99.9 % it’s not man.

    Fellow Airman from good ol’ OK

  4. This fool don’t care one bit about his kids or if they are taken care of. He will say the opposite and say he’s a great dad and there’s the long sad story. He’s spending his money on his little friends with no care on earth about his babies unless he forgets his debit card and someone else has to pay. So the chick’s must feel quite special dealing with a broke ass poop head. He has multiple public records on money he owes and it’s being sued for, he’s planning on filing chapter 7 so he won’t have to pay for anything…winner ladies! What a catch!!!

  5. Yes the hen. Obviously the Mexicans don’t eat turkey. Tell us Natalie when’s the last time you gave thanks? Very American of you!

  6. I guess I can be added to the list. My name is Gennifer and I met this person in Tinder about a year ago. He came to my house per his request rather than meeting me in a public place. He also sent me naked pictures abd it’s not a nice guy. It’s pushy and I think he might be a little off in the head. NO morals and does not think anything he does is wrong. I sent screen shots to his wife (girl code). Be careful.

    1. Is what he’s doing even legal? Can’t he get in trouble for pushing himself on females like that?  sending unwanted naked pictures of his dick and forcing them to having him come to their place and pretty much force them into having sex?

  7. No having a wet pussy wrapped around your dick feels really good. Don’t think he’s gonna get in trouble since she was asking for it. Isnt that an unspoken rule?

    1. This sounds like Blaque commenting above. And actually if any of the females press chargers, any unwanted pictures of him or him being pushy on them or forcing them into any act it’s considered sexual misconduct and in some stated it’s a misdemeanor.

  8. Sex isn’t a big deal like your making it. It’s 1 hr of fun. And that’s usually with making out and cuddling. The day is 24 hrs long. So the girls return for a reason.. don’t understand why your making him out to be a sexual deviant. He’s a lover not a fighter…  let’s have makeup sex and forget all about this…

    1. I guess you probably haven’t been one of his “victims” the man lies and uses women left and right. Has no respect for any of them and shows no remorse of what he’s done. “He’s a lover not a fighter” he’s psycho!

  9. I liked being married. I really did. I loved it when my wife cooked for me in the morning. And woke me up. You know all the small things. But the jealousy just got to be too much. I didn’t cheat. And I wasn’t but she gets to be so annoying after a while. Everyday with that shit. So after3 yrs I had to cheat for the first time. And then she got pregnant so I had to bail. Now we are together but separated and I like it like that. I’m not cheating we agreed to be seperated.

    1. Confirmed you have been staying with the woman you’ve been sleeping with, separation wasn’t agreed upon. Let’s share the screen shots your wife, whom by the way doesn’t drink like you say (but of course you have to lie to make yourself look interesting and good to others) took of your tablet looking at child porn, looking at men having sex with kids and animals.. I don’t think that was a separation agreed. I believe you got kicked out of the house in order to protect your own kids from you. And no she wasnt jelous…she just happened to get you busted in the bathroom taking snapshots of yourself including your d*** and sharing it online. Remember? If you want to speak about your wife make sure you have things to back it up. She does have plenty on you Blaque. Your baby girl was just 4 MO old when you used to call out of work sick and went and cheat on your wife with a drug addict then the same week went and met another female in Michigan, remember? Hey…what about the money you owe? Did you pay everyone or your new fling will take care of it for you?

  10. Yea well besides freaky sex she wasn’t good at being my wife.

    i have a bunch of choirs I have scheduled for my wife. First thing is she wouldn’t wake me up to go to the gym in morning. She would be hungover in the morning. Then when I come home from work she won’t smd. Haha. But besides that. That’s when I knew something was going on. She hadn’t been my sexyterry cook fuck laundry shopping slave anymore. All I wanted to do with her was fuck workout and fuck more but she’s not with it. She’s too hung over.

    1. Lol wasn’t your wife’s job to wake your fat ass up to go workout. You are some piece of work if you blame her for you being fat…no one forced you to wake up in the middle of the night to eat all you could find. And the “slave” you call glad is in writing so everyone can see the abusive freak you’ve been to her in over 4 yrs. She paid for everything for you. Bailed you out financially while in the military and you still haven’t repay her, have you? I remember you crying calling her while she was at work for her to wire you money because you would get In trouble with your command. If you new gal is writing all this stuff. Make sure she knows the truth. You can’t start a new relationship while married…first of its not a relationship if you are still married or separated that still the “other woman in away”.  Good luck to you pal!

    2. Haha…I find this comical because his wife don’t drink…he must be talking about his step mom and dad and got it all mixed up. You are a real piece of shit bringing your wife, the mother of your child Into this mess with your affairs. Makes you the lowest man in the piramid.

    1. Don’t think she blew anything when she’s protecting her kids from a pervert. YOU on the other hand blew it all up. Your family, finances and life for some pussy.  She will be smart if she walks away and runs away from all the misery and horrible life you’ve given her and the kids. If you end up with nothng, well you deserved it. She was to good for you and you took the kindness for granted and used her.

  11. Forget it. If you don’t wanna take care of your man. Then I’m going to see another girl. Sorry. I have to.   You don’t want my nuts.. she will enjoy it then..

  12. I wanted to spend the holiday with my love. But she keeps ignoring her man,.   Your pissing me off… I’m sure we can get through this.. but you don’t work things out with me,, do you love me baby?

  13. This dude is nuts, creepy and clingy and was so degrading. I found his facebook and thats how i knew he was still married. found out he saw 8 of us in 1 week about 2 months ago. Not surprised.  Run as fast as you can.

  14. Blaque will say he loves you after 1 date, will ask if he can move in with you that he is ready for a relationship and that he bought an engagement ring… he’s psycho! Don’t fall for it! He also told me that he was living out of his Jeep and didn’t have where to stay. Definitely trying to have women feel sorry for him so he can get his way. He won’t care of you have kids or not he has no respect for any girl. He kept sending me messages even though I called him out.

  15. 5743078616 if you got a call or text from him under this number is a fake like from an online app. This guy is a total loser! He’s nuts!

  16. Lmao. Check this site on Twitter. The guy has been re twitted over 1800 times since posted…let’s keep it going! He deserves it!. Blaque thinks he can play with us girls let’s show him he can’t get away with it but because he has no morals he won’t care.

  17. Omg I just checked and he does have over 1800 retweets on Dating Complaints twitter. This is to funny. Karma is a you know what.

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