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Beware of married Atlanta Police Detective James T. Barnett!


Police women and Atlanta women in general beware of this innocent looking APD Detective-James Barnett!  He works the extra jobs and makes the extra cash.  He spends all days and nights working or being with you – at a hotel or your place of course.  He won’t tell you he’s married with kids… until his wife calls and he shushes you while he speaks to her and says “I love you too babe”.  And then you just feel sick.  Now he’s done this before and his wife knows it- but she still keeps on putting up with his crap – she probably needs the money- doesn’t want to raise her kids on her own.  He gets away with this shit over and over again because like he told others in the past- he’s a police officer and he can do what he wants.  He also gets paid in cash when he does his extra jobs like security for Atlanta Falcons Games and concerts in Atlanta.  He will also tell you that he reports only part of this income. Don’t let this white ass fool you.  He may tell you he cares about you but  he’s really calling you a “holster sniffer” behind your back.  Don’t fall for it!  Run far away!


2 thoughts on “Beware of married Atlanta Police Detective James T. Barnett!

  1. Yep- saw this guy coming a mile always. Innocent on the outside but he’s like every other cheating officer- got one on the side .

  2. Was wondering about him.  A little too nice- but hangs with some of the more slick officers that we all know have girls on the side.  It is sad but many officers end up with other officers in relationships.  It’s just a part of the job there is so much stresss and the people you work with understand what your going through.

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