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Barbara Butler Grafenwoehr, Germany


I’ve been married to this woman for almost 17 years. Today it’s been a year since I left this skank. Here’s the reason why. Since 2013 she has been creeping around , screwing other men mostly soldiers because we lived near an army post.then later on she was constantly on her cell phone talking to other men and hooking up with them. On the 28th of April (1 year ago today ) I found a couple of notes laying around. One of them saying that on may 1st she’s planning to throw me out of the house. She can’t take it anymore. I confronted her about it and her response was ..I don’t give a F×××. So I took away her ID CARD and her atm CARD (we had a joint account) . Since last year I found out from several people that she was smashing several men in that house , smashing men at the local club and in her car etc. Words cannot explain how hurt and pissed off I was. The sad thing not her or her friends had the guts to tell me in my face. Also she’s using our 2 kids as weapons against me. Personally I hope this bitch catches something . If anybody is reading this and lives in Grafenwoehr Germany or stationed there. Stay far away from this slut. She’s a straight up Gold digger . …


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