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Anthony Sanchez San Francisco, California


Anthony stalks and harassed women according to several reports. He uses his ghosthunterapp website to do it. If anyone complains about his apps, he will use their credit card info and personal info to post libel, threaten and stalk them. He has slept with only a few women but if you turn him down, he will post fake dating, escort ads, sex ads on other websites that he owns using your pics and photo number. He is very delusional and has authored a book about ufo’s but beware people. He pretends like he has haters but really he stalks himself. He is delusional and unstable. There are reports of him being abusive and Volatile. He works with several others in the Paranormal community who like to scam people. He does have a drinking problem which makes him violent. He will also post names of anyone whom he thinks hates him and he doesn’t care if it is true or not. Be careful of his scams. He will do anything to make money. We’ve heard he runs several puppy mills also. 


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