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Anthony Dodds Cincinnati, Ohio


This person is a cheater, liar, bigot and scammer. Sebrina Martin Is this anthony dodds or aka anthony brown. He is an ass ..i was married to him for a month an i just want to be its over i see this page say something about a marrage an i just want to see if was me because i never got the papers but yes lord he is a ass i was married for a month ..i thew his ass out an sent him back home..
Well he had two wives..we was married in nc in 2010 i never filed papers he said he was going to an he told me they were common law but courts over rule that an we got married in front of a judge an my fam..i just want to make sure i got the papers..he move with me to ks but i couldnt take him an i sent him back to cincinnati on a bus.
So his divorce was not with me .. I still got the marrage certificate i want a divorce he lies so bad an drink to much.
He can go should go to jail an i going to look in to into.
Thats fuck up he said the girl was his an she had a boy a name the boy afther him.. i talk to his mom an sister an his sister try to tell me somethings but he cut her off an i never spoke to her again.
Yes he does old has he is treat women bad but i am good i got out of it an put his out soooo glad.
Shanequa Martin I payed for his ticket ti get to ohio. When my mom left for a funeral he had the car and dissapear for an entire day leaving me stuck at work. Then when i ask what happen to my wii game system that i brought for me and my siblings ge said he broke it. Found out he pawn it. Then i had always gave him money. I gave him money to pay the water bill. He took the money and wrote a bad check costing the bill to go up 30ty more dollars. He’s nothing but a conman do not trust him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This individual was married to me for 4 years and have cheated so many times l can’t count. He is a manipulator, cheater and a alcoholic who look for women to take care of him. He will work when he want. Owe 45,000 in child support for a 30 year old son. Have no respect for his mother never owned anything in his life. Stay away will sleep with anyone.


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