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Anna Freeman Mobile Alabama


Spoiled Brat
Gold Digger
Thinks Fathers are just sperm donors and paychecks and should have no say in their childs life
Thinks because her mommy/daddy have money that she\’s better than everyone, especially people of a lower income (than her parents because she is just a financial leech) or people who don\’t live exactly as anna does. Shame on them for not being her clone!
Everything is always other peoples fault
Ms. Anna is perfect and how dare you suggest otherwise
Nothing is ever good enough for her
Reportedly said shes just waiting on parents to die to inherit
Has Bachelors Degree but doesnt even clear a full time, minimum wage paycheck a year so that she can leech as much child support as she can out of one of her baby daddies
Throws your past in your face while ignoring her own
Goes to church but is secretly the Antichrist, or at least a close relative of his (this is an anonymous opinion but a large number of people suspect it’s true)


One thought on “Anna Freeman Mobile Alabama

  1. Saw her in her swimsuit the other day. About gagged over her fat, disgusting body. She was trying to show off for my husband and we laughed over how pathetic she was making herself look.

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