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Andrea Wilson Omaha, Nebraska


I dated this WHORE. She is a prostitute from backpage and she infected me HIV. I found out i was dating a registered sex offender, She got probation for 5 years and had to registered as sex offender..  She has had sex with 12 year old boy and got arrested for that..Andrea dress like a 15 year old teenage girl. Honestly Andrea is a drug addict and SLUT! I caught her stealing my money to buy crystal method. She will use any drug available to her. Once I booted her out of my home. I found a miracle whip jar she was using to pee in. Andrea is that lazy. She started working the streets for a pimp name Archie Richardson and ended up in jail. If you see this person run away you will be the next victim. Her Vagina smells like fish and her ass smells like poop. Hey Andrea get up and start using the bathroom! You left blood marks on my toilet after your zits popped on your nasty ass. Had to replace my toilet seat!


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