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Amanda Leachman Stockton, Alabama


Amanda’s life seems pretty typical… she is married with 5 kids or so, works, and looks happy, stable, and secure… but look closer and you notice she has only been married for about 2 years and those children all have different daddies… this is bc she is a skank. She is known as being easy and loose. My ex husband told me this about her years ago and that she had a school girl crush on him since middle school but nothing had ever happened between them. Well… you know where this is going, not only did i find a conversation they had that got pretty sleezy and heavy, she sent him naked pictures of herself so he could jack off. Who the fuck would want those photos in the first place.. i can get some random chick online that is actually hot to send me much sexier ones without all the stretch marks. On top of that, when she was married to her first husband she went down on him and screwed several other guys. A re-occuring theme i have heard from people. She is trashy enough to get her claws in them, pops out a kid… boom child support. Hell one of those kids is probably my exs. Lol : ( So this chick just so happens to be a family friend and is invited to family gatherings. Years ago i was unaware of how she was but had a gut feeling she was cheap. We would spend these gatherings with them all while him and her were getting off on my ignorance to the whole situation. I am disgusted and people need to be aware of just how nasty she really is… Be careful Bay Minette, she will fuck and suck your husband, attend your family gatherings, and then return to being a Betty Homemaker…her current husband deserves so much better!


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