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Alyssa Lakatos Levittown, Pennsylvania

Alyssa Lakatos Levittown, Pennsylvania

This is Alyssa! She is starting at a young age by being a home wrecking hoe, only 19. She slept with my boyfriend while I was pregnant! They met at a train station.. that alone says enough about this dirty little smut. When I asked her about knowing my boyfriend she had ‘no idea’ who he was. She claims “God first” but God don’t like hoes like you hunny. She freely gives her number out to people left and right so if you’d like her number contact me🙂 This is only the beginning


2 thoughts on “Alyssa Lakatos Levittown, Pennsylvania

  1. Thats my girl you a dumb bitch for tryna blow someones spot up on some dumb ass website lol u silly get stuffed cunt

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