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Alessa Savage, London, England


Alessa Savage who is an adult actress, female adult entertainer, and a female adult performer is a very evil, deceptive, and devious racist bigot who happens to be against African-American men or Black men in particular because of the fact that she has complete racist hatred and complete racist disgust for them because of the skin color that they have or possess. It is due to this fact that Alessa Savage must be blacklisted and condemned to the highest and greatest degree for being the mentally insane, mentally retarded, sick-minded, nasty, malevolent, malice-filled, vengeful, poisonous, and venomous skin color racist and evil-minded bigot she truly indeed is.

Added Note: For Those Who Wish To Contradict This Post Which They Cannot Do So Because of The Evidence-Since Evidence Speaks Louder Than Lies.

There is evidence even from White Female Pornstars that Proves there is color racism in their industry (since they do not talk as an outsider of the industry but as an actual insider in the industry itself):

1. On December 31, 2014 Lisa Ann who is one of the most famous adult stars in the porn industry and who is White said these words in a Youtube video posted on Youtube: “My Industry Is Very Racist, No Doubt About It”

2. Even Award-winning adult actress Aurora Snow who is also White and who has performed and directed in the adult business for 10 years said these words in an article that she wrote on the site where she wrote: “The porn industry is very segregated by race…


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