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Aida Alba, San Francisco California


This married, with 2 kids, hoe bag loves married men. She gets off of men cheating on their wives with her. She has teeth like a beaver and breath like dirty diaper! She begs married guys for attention until they give in, thus giving her the nickname Bucky the Thirsty Hoe. Ladies, she will go out of her to get your man and even go as far to threaten to tell their wives that they hooked up! Even when they didn’t! How do I know all this? I used to be her friend, whom she would tell everything to. That is until she tried to hook up with my boyfriend and my married brother! Whore, prostitute, trash, liar, homewrecker: these words don’t sum up to what she is.


One thought on “Aida Alba, San Francisco California

  1. Natalie Becerra trolling the internet. This loser thinks it’s ok to be a female stalker. Guess what is about to happen to the Mexican stalker. Let’s wait and see.. we are going to help her cause we feel bad for her mental illness

    30 3rd avenue apt 6R

    brooklyn NY

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