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Adriano Morraz Basking Ridge, New Jersey


He is a huge stalker that have no life. He likes to show up to his exes job unannounced with drama. Adrian has an extremely bad temper to the point he has gone to jail for badly beating his ex gf as well as numerous people up. He is not like by anyone in New York. He’s from Manhattan, but likes to travel all over the world with his wife’s money who he failed to tell you that once you date him. He makes a lot of money, but he likes to spend it on his Coke and Porn addiction. His laptop is full of porn that he buys as well as his own sex tapes with random women. Speaking of that he has sex with many drunk random women he meets at the bar. He go to their house fuck them and leave. If they were his friends and they ask him if they fuck him. He will just lie about it. His Facebook is Adriano Morrz. He makes it seem like he’s this spiritual and caring person when he’s deep down a heartless, insecure and angry person. He’s basically the Fuckboy of New York. He also has Genital Herpes which he swears that’s razor bumps on his tiny ass three inch penis. He’s also on OKCupid as Adriano25? Adrian has many women coast to coast who claims that there his girlfriend. He will swear off and on that’s he’s a single change man. No he’s not he can’t communicate worth the shit without his temper of him blacking out to beat the shit out of someone. He’s extremely narcissistic and thinks he’s god gift to women as he drinks away, Coke away, and smoke cigarettes away for his problems. He can’t keep secrets for shit, tell him one thing the whole state of New York knows your fucking business. He doesn’t care who he hurts, just as longest his squad butters him off to be a better fuckboy. He cares nothing for himself. He may have expensive shit, but deep down his a worthless soul that self hates and pitted himself and everyone around him. He spends every weekend in the club picking up women. He buys women expensive drinks, puts roofies in them to get them to go home with him. If that don’t work he will talk shit about them to make them low everyday. He has no respect for women at all. You can’t befriend him, because he will take advantage of you. He doesn’t respect kind people at all. He uses all his friends for their money to supply his cigarettes, cocaine, booze, gas money and strippers for his weekend escapades. Don’t trust Adriano Morraz with your own life, be careful because he has hurt many of people in his path which don’t care. He thinks life is about him and everyone should bow down to kiss his ass.


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