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7 thoughts on “864 Glenmore Avenue Brooklyn NY

  1. She already lost and she’s still playing her games. Emotionally disturbed person! Scared of sex yet joining a dating website and stalking and harassing another user then playing hiding seek on the internet with fake user names. Soon the truth will be known.  Your time is coming.. Philadelphia should start to look real good right about now.

  2. Friendless person. Likes to punish people with her own ultimatiums. Merry Christmas. Let’s see what 2017 brings for you!

  3. Whatever it is it is.. this is a hate crime from someone who receives funding from the federal government. Let’s see how this works out for this skeezebag. Hard lessons learned in life!

  4. Hate crimes. Contacting me harassing me as fake people. If this person is not put in a mental health facility for harassing me I will be suing the federal government. Attorney general of the Uniates states airforce is a liar and most definitely is enjoying acting in accomplice  with this skitzo sexually harassing me. This is own personal Guantanamo bay. After I told this skitzo do not harass me online she intentionally does what I told her not to do. Now it’s time to sue the terrorists associated with the United States federal government. Nice

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